Zynga buys Five Mobile


Zynga has triumphantly bought the Canadian app developer firm, Five Mobile, naming it as, ‘Zynga Toronto’

Zynga is an upper most company which manufactures games on various social networking sites. Their achievements have been remarkable in developing browser based games. Zynga has left its mark in the field of social networks which is evident with their increasing popularity in games available on Facebook. The active users of Zynga games on Facebook are huge.

However,now Zynga has taken interesting steps to further expand their domain by lessening their dependency upon Facebook and reach out to another section of the masses. They now, interestingly aim to pursue the game users of smartphones and tablets. In the course of doing so, Zynga has taken notice of the Canadian mobile applications. Their intentions to rule the gaming industry came out in the open when the news of Zynga buying Canadian mobile applications developer firm, Five Mobile; broke out.

This is the fifteenth acquisition within the time span of thirteen months, which Zynga has made. However, the terms and conditions of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Five Mobile has been a pioneer in its arena as it has worked with leading media companies like Disney and Sony Pictures. Five Mobile is a mobile application development company dealing with various applications related to the smartphones.  The team has worked with some of the largest technology companies including AT&T, Bump, Flurry and RIM, in North America to develop branded mobile apps for numerous platforms. But amazingly, now all the success and experience of this company will boost the confidence of the colossal pioneer, Zynga.

It looks mobile is part and parcel of the future strategies of the company. Thus they have moved a step further than just buying the Five Mobile Company. Zynga has changed the name of the company, Five Mobile into Zynga Toronto. Not only this, but five of the employees of Five Mobile will work unanimously with the Zynga team at the newly founded ‘Zynga Toronto’.

So, all the game users of Zynga mobile applications can get ready to treat themselves with a whole bunch of newfangled mobile applications catering to smartphones and tablets.

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  3. Rock says:

    Umm, are you really just gniivg this info out for nothing?

  4. Storm says:

    Heck of a job there, it absuoltley helps me out.


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