Vodafone and Facebook Launch Vodafone 555 Blue


Facebook and Vodafone are releasing a Facebook centric smart phone, which will be a treat for Facebook addicts who can enjoy the social network usage on the whole phone.

The idea of a smart phone designed completely for the social network usage only seems unique. And this is the project taken by Facebook in association with Vodafone. The companies plan on launching Vodafone 555 Blue, a Facebook centralized phone, with a cost of around $100, aimed for the emerging markets. It will be the first ever Facebook centric smart phone and hopefully is expected to become a hit in the markets of U.K., South Africa, India, Turkey and a another whole list of countries. Facebook and Vodafone are both aiming for places, to release its product, where the use of its social network has been growing largely. Is there any place left in the globe where people are not using Facebook or are not familiar with the network?

Vodafone 555 Blue will probably support a QWERTY keyboard, customized OS and an ‘F’ button that will allow sharing to the site. Also the inbox will contain both text messages and Facebook messages. It will run on 2.5 G network and will prove to be proficient in the consumption of data. The device will be manufactured by Alcatel Lucent.

In relation to Vodafone’s interest from this combined project, the company’s group terminal director, Patrick Chomet commented, “Our confidence comes from the fact that if we do great products that enable the customer to have great experiences, they will see the added value of Vodafone.”

Facebook targets to increase users from 750 million to 1 billion and for that the company has to strive to reach out to mobile phone users in such countries that have a limited supply of fixed-line internet connections. Facebook has been concentrating on mobiles the whole year and this is not the first time it has partnered up for a project with a mobile phone manufacturer. Before this, the social media network teamed up to produce customized products with mobile phone companies such as HTC as well.

According to an analyst at Informa, Vodafone has not been doing very well in its provision of apps lately. But if Vodafone 555 Blue acquires market value among consumers then Nokia and RIM are the two companies that should look after their market share, with this Facebook centric smart phone’s success. For now, Chomet remarks that the project is centralized for the mass market on data and that for the user the device will be something that provides a smart phone dedicated to the experience of Facebook solely.

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One Response to Vodafone and Facebook Launch Vodafone 555 Blue

  1. guruSUPERmaster says:

    They want 90€ for this and it doesn’t even have Wi-Fi! Totally a rip-off. Just a way for Vodafone to gain some money since you are forced to use GPRS to send to Facebook.


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