Twitter plans on In-Stream Advertising


Twitter is thinking of providing access to a self-serve product advertisement platform to major brands on user profiles of its network, in order to raise business revenue.

Twitter makes another news headline in the world of social media. And this time it’s aiming at broadening its advertisements section. If you’re thinking of some sort of enhancement in ‘promoted tweets’ or ‘promoted trends’ then please, think again, because Twitter has something else in mind to enlarge its revenue. A report by Reuters states that Twitter might actually be ready to give corporations the liberty to self-serve branded advertisements on Twitter users’ real-time stream. We know that Twitter has a system of putting up product tweets, sponsored messages and promoted accounts of companies for a payment. But now that it’s planning to allow advertisements to appear at will on user profiles, we need to see exactly how open the Twitter users would be to this new idea.

With a self serving ad platform, brand companies that wish for nothing more than to hit the social network with their advertisements must be happy. The promotion business through social media has been gaining momentum for some time now. Twitter has made a lot of business with this system and gathered around 600 corporate customers that are making use of its promoted tweets and trends. Twitter users should prepare themselves for a break through of ads on their profiles, as Reuters stated from company sources that major brands are expected to “tailor, automate and publish ads in bulk”. This act will probably be enabled with the use of Twitter API. If all these rumours are true then Twitter is definitely planning to transform its network into a self-serve streaming ad platform. We can assume that it might be concerned of the building competition in the social media family. But still, this money making attempt of Twitter may not be received with so much pleasure by its users. Maybe some loyal tweeters would play along and retweet the advertisements. But others, seeing their personal profiles attacked with unnecessary and unwanted advertisements would be forced to quit the network.

Forrester Research analyst went on to criticize this daring move of Twitter, saying that ‘A search ad has the potential to help you; a “conversation ad” is simply disruptive.’ Well, some users do like it quite and prefer keeping a low profile. They may not be so welcome to the intrusion of ads. Come on Twitter! Relying on in-stream advertisements is not the only option. Even the CEO of Forrester Research said that this plan is ‘Twitter’s bad idea’ and that it should ‘head back to the whiteboard in search of a less intrusive way to justify its irrational market valuation.’ The idea may be exciting for the consumer market and business customers. But majority of Twitter fans, who are using the network as a conversational medium, should be kept a priority and anything that could disturb their peace should be avoided.

With the entry of Google+ in the social media market, tension is expected to build for Twitter. Besides this, the recent round of financing analyzed the company to possess an expected $8 billion valuation. With all this pressure, in-stream advertising would seem like a good option to meet the need for revenue. Twitter is after all an information network. But the question remains that is Twitter desperate enough to risk the comfort of its users?

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