The maker of Angry Birds sued by the Angry Lodsy!


The Angry Birds maker, Ravio, has been sued by Lodsy (an American firm) for violating its patents.

Angry Birds is one of the very popular and most played games available in the market. Tolls tell that it is supposedly downloaded more than a million times in a day by people around the globe! It was originally a mobile game which, because of its demand and stirring popularity, stepped ahead onto many platforms such as consoles and browsers.

Rumor is Ravio was even considering an IPO because of Angry Birds’ success and it was even getting ready for it…BUT (Why does a villainous bump called “BUT” keeps coming in the ways of successful stories) …Lodsy intervened the big plans by waving its red flag into the tech-battlefield. Yes, it has sued the maker of Angry Birds for the infringement of its patents. It claims that the Finnish company has violated those patents which cover the ways of buying new levels inside the game: Angry Birds.

Already, many European app developers have been put off from selling their apps in the US because of this move by the Lodsy. This is also because the patent system in the US permits patenting the software-implementations of ideas – which varies radically from the European Union’s idea of allowing patents. However, even the European Parliament is under the consideration of making its patent rights parallel to that in the US.

The specialist in intellectual property lawsuits, Florian Mueller states that that: “The Texan company Lodsy is not afraid of suing deep-pocketed developers and by bringing Angry Birds into the case makes it pretty clear that Lodsy is going after those developers who are writing apps for Google Android-using phone as well as those developers who are writing apps for iPad and iPhone.”

It seems that Lodsy has gone on a suing spree because it has recently added Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Atari and Take-Two Interactive, to its sue List. Mind you, these are biggest names in the mobile gaming industry.  It has been found out that Lodsy is demanding damages and injunctions in its lawsuits although the reason to sue the five companies is still unknown. But who needs that? Lodsy is even suing the computer giant HP along with the clothing company Adidas, a retailer known as Best Buy and New York Times!!

The clash of the tech-titans will continue in the courts of justice. Till the outcome, let us hope that no other company falls to the misfortune of offending Lodsy!


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