Ninja Fruit Bash Lands on No. 4 Spot in BlackBerry App World


With a growing success rate and several instant user downloads after launch, the Ninja Fruit Bash Blackberry game app by acquires the 4th position in the Top Paid App list on BlackBerry App World website. Now the app developers are ready with an updated version of the game for its users.

I think all the BlackBerry fans would recall the launch of Ninja Fruit Bash game app by game developers. The app delivered a breakthrough performance since its launch on July14th, 2011. Now the app developers would be proud to see the game acquiring the No. 4 spot on the BlackBerry App World. They have done a great job with the creation of this app and I guess the above news on the game’s success proves its popularity among the BlackBerry users. Ninja Fruit Bash’s high quality features, smooth feel, innovative graphics and design, compatibility with the BlackBerry smart phone and addictive play all credited the game in exceeding the expectations of BlackBerry users.

As soon as Ninja Fruit Bash was released and placed for sale on BlackBerry App World, its number of downloads  simply kept getting higher and higher, so much so as to land the game in the top paid app list on the website. The app is also currently holding the no. 1 position in the top paid games category on BlackBerry App World. Such is the post-launch hype and success of Ninja Fruit Bash among BlackBerry users.

And this hype and popularity created by the game is not exactly ready to simmer down. The app developers have something more in store for BlackBerry users. Fans of this product should be ecstatic for an updated Torch version of Ninja Fruit Bash. This new version of the game is expected to support improved graphics, which includes more interesting and sharp slashing sound effects for sword striking. Fruits have a new splashing effect produced on the screen when they are bashed or sliced by the gamer’s finger, along with an added squishing sound effect. And believe me, these new and improved sound and graphics quality add on to the fun in ninja fruit chopping.

Wait – there’s more! Player’s would also be glad to know that the combos have been reworked on and given an overhaul. Other than that, the fruits appear on the screen more vividly along with the background which has been made more vibrant. All these changes have been made in the game’s Torch version specifically and excited Ninja Fruit Bash users just need to work with a little more patience before getting their hands on this updated app. The latest version by developers will be available on the BlackBerry App World sooner than expected. And then BlackBerry gamers can reload the fun and enjoy the new feel of the game, continuing enthusiastically with the app’s addictive quality.


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