Google+ will go beyond the confines set by Facebook!


The survey conducted by Appcelerator reveals Google + to rise as the new social networking giant, leaving behind Facebook!!

The social networking sites and related apps have been making huge in the market since the past few years. However, a survey conducted by Appcelerator and IDC focused on the mobile operating systems preferences in the market!

Interestingly, 2,012 developers were included in the survey conducted. The review given by the Appcelerator/IDC Mobile Developer Report said, “Apple and Google are accelerating their lead in mobile by redefining mobile app engagement, loyalty, and cloud connectivity through their new Google+ and iCloud offerings. Developers also indicate that they see Apple and Google gains in the consumer application space translating into significant traction in the enterprise space over time.”

The speculations revealed in the survey showed that majority of the developers were attracted towards the new and advanced features at Google+. The social graph lead available at Facebook is an old story as Goggle+ presents search, maps and Youtube in an all new form! Not only does this emerge as a plus point for Google +, but more than half of the developers participating in the Appcelerator/ IDC survey think that Google+ is more creative and new to the eye with its circles, sparks and hangouts! I’m sure those of you, who have made an account on Google+ must have liked the concept of making circles of your various contacts titled as friends, family, relatives etc!

In order of their preferences, the developers were asked about the features which attracts them the most. The survey revealed that the percentage of the usage of different features was as follows:

“Notifications (52 percent), status updates (49 percent), login/identity (44 percent), messaging (38 percent), news (35 percent), location sharing (32 percent), photo sharing (31 percent), and friend requests (26 percent).”

Not only does the survey show the likeness of Google+ emerging as something bigger than Facebook, but it also revealed the number of followers it has been able to generate! Amazingly, Google+ has become the fastest website to be chased in such a less time span, with 25 million users joining in!

The social networking sites have evolved over the period of time. Earlier Orkut was there, which was taken over by the Facebook storm! And now Goggle+ has jumped in the filled with millions of users joining in everyday! I’m sure this news will give Facebook a run for its life!

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