Apps to be downloaded 183 billion times till 2015- says IDC


It’s time for the rise of ‘in-app’ purchasing as mobile app downloads are predicted to go up to 183 billion by 2015

Apps! Apps! Mobile Apps! This era should be called the App era and this generation should be named the App X generation. Whereas, the market share of tablets seems to be going down by 34% in some parts of the world, on the other hand we have the app popularity reigning over till 2015 in billions.

IDC’s research firm analyzes that we are going to have an ‘app full’ future. The company predicts that from 10.7 billion mobile app downloads in 2010 the number is going to increase to approximately 183 billion downloads by 2015. This growth goes parallel to IDC’s report of 19.8% yearly increment in the smart phone market. Considering the app mania our mobile developing brands have indulged the consumers into, we can’t even say that this is surprising news. With such reputable companies as Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Amazon, Windows Phone etc. involved in the app making business, there can hardly be a doubt about such a huge measure. Many of the companies even own their personal app stores, producing and providing quality apps to their customers.

Yes, the app world has definitely taken over and dominates the IT market. But there has to be some other reason behind such a number. Some new strategy the app developers might have come up with to ensure the future for their precious products maybe? Well, IDC digs up for answer to this as well. The research firm believes that focus will be shifting on ‘in-app purchasing’ now instead of depending more on the app download purchases on mobile itself. In-app purchasing and mobile advertising plans were predicted to increase in last year’s survey as well. This analysis of IDC concerning the rise of the app market was resulted after keeping in view the quarterly survey of Appcelerator’s 70,000+ mobile app developer base. Along with that, the product announcements and financial growth was also kept in check by the firm.

The rise of in-app purchasing by IDC must come as glad tidings for app developers. Let’s not forget to mention ABI Research’s report of an amount of 44 billion mobile app downloads by 2016. Can the app hungry consumers want anything more after being offered with a free app that can download any feature? At this rate of mobile app consummation, let’s just wish the app makers good luck on their long and successful journey to 183 billion downloads.

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