Make the world go even more Global!! Photo vine breaks the ice!


The enigmatic app, Photovine is set to launch later this month, currently revealing their site to the onlookers.

The news bee was buzzing around last month about a new app, although not much information was leaked about it. And now it seems that the cat is out of the box, as there are raising speculations about the multi entertaining app Photovine by Google, being launched later this month. The site for the app has been released (finally!).

Information has been given and an eye catching teaser has also been designed! It shows the vine being created by the snapshot of an adorable brown puppy going on and forming a trail of photos from couple shot to views of the beach to a fat hairy man! All of it connects amazingly! This teaser will surely act as a magnet for all mobile maniacs out there!

The Photovine appeared to be just another redundant app for photo usage (like Picasa); however now when the gift is unwrapped, it is a photo sharing app for smartphones that is pretty much going up  the steps of the new ‘in’ thing!

The vine in the common man’s term is known as a trailing plant. (Are you wondering why it is being named after a plant?? I have the answer!) The Photovine here is referring to the lineup of photos which will be delivered or more specifically shared with your friends and family members. Assumingly, the access to these photos will be as soon as they are actually taken. They will be connected and linked through a caption that you will give to your vine.

The site released mentioned that this app was ventured by Slide, a part of Google Inc. There are few speculations regarding the release of this app by Slide and not by Google itself. However, I believe, the output will be extracted only when the app is launched. Till then all camera freaks can set back and wait for another photo sharer app that is fast paced and fun to have!!



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