RIM to Launch BBM Music Service

RIM, while striving to attract consumer attention and to make an impression with its entertainment features, negotiates a deal with four largest record companies for a new BlackBerry music service which will run on top of BBM.

RIM is ready to upgrade its BlackBerry smart phone with another notable service which would quite interest its users. It has been rumoured that RIM is planning to sign a deal with four top record companies in order to launch a new music service. This latest feature is expected to run with BBM (instant messaging service). RIM’s success in the negotiations has gone so far as to have confirmed a deal with one of the top four record companies. Sources inform that two more deals will follow soon enough. Users are curious about BBM’s compatibility with this new music service and are excited for a test version, which would probably arrive in the upcoming weeks.

RIM’s BBM service is a crucial part of its BlackBerry smart phone. It is a medium for reducing the communication gap through its instant messaging and chat services via internet. It allows BlackBerry to act as a social networking tool, keeping people from all over in touch with each other. For this reason, RIM sees it profitable to connect its new music feature to BBM as the service plays an integral part in its BlackBerry consumer demand. The company even updated its BBM service just last month to keep it intact. With the launch of a music service, RIM hopes to enhance its entertainment facilities for its users and develop its skills for consumer attraction. Previously as well, the BlackBerry maker has tried upgrading its music and media player functions and this deal holds importance for the company as through it, RIM wishes to define itself as a qualified entertainment provider. Brands such as Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music and Universal Music Group are in anticipation of new retail services.

RIM is counting on the launch of its latest product line-up, which has BlackBerry Bold in store as well, to expand the growth of its company. These new arrivals will be reflective of the first new set of BlackBerrys after quite a while. And with a new music service also to release in the near future, RIM is all set to re-emerge in the market with new tools for the action. Looking back at RIM’s performance over the past few years, the company has suffered a lot against competitors such as Apple’s iPhone and Google Android running smart phones. Its progress rate did not uphold well in the market and even the success of its product launches, like the BlackBerry Pearl phone was cut short. In the previous year, while the smart phone market share of rivals such as Apple, HTC and Samsung went up, RIM’s share dwindled 12% from nearly a fifth of the total market in the second quarter.

Coming back to what the company is planning on right now, if RIM proves to be successful in its new BBM music service deal with the top four record companies, then it will be able to add on to the consumer attraction and market value for its BlackBerry handset.

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