Ninja Fruit Bash has released its latest installment in smartphone game applications for BlackBerry users, called Ninja Fruit Bash.

When we talk about games, the first thought that comes to mind is entertainment. Pure entertainment is what a normal gamer would look for and expect in any game. And if the game is able to provide that, then it’s just long hours of all play and no work for the gamer. What makes a game entertaining? The ingredients for an awesome game include visual effects, high quality graphics, varying levels of difficulty, interesting stages etc. Yes, all these things definitely count in the development of the game, but the key ingredient is the idea behind the game. Let’s say that a game is first and foremost an idea turned into entertainment. Next comes the design and development of the game that adds to the innovation of the idea.

From video games to computer games to mobile games, this technology has grown and come a long way, proving its dominance in the virtual world. If we talk about the gaming world in the current time period, clearly we can see that game apps are predominant among this generation of gamers. You can hardly find a smart phone without downloaded games. It’s like a needful time pass for your fingers. I’m sure for the loyal gamers it’s a necessity of life. Let’s not forget that game apps are the most downloaded in the app market right now. And building on this need of players all over the world, we have mobile game developing brands working hard to produce quality game apps every day.


On that note, let’s take a look at BlackBerry’s latest game application called ‘Ninja Fruit Bash’. BlackBerry gamers must be on their toes for this one. The game has been designed by BlackBerry app developers, The company is highly renowned and have launched applications for mobile brands such as iPhone, Android, Samsung, Windows Phone etc. has attained the world’s number one spot across all categories and all geographies for BlackBerry apps three times, (if you recall BlackBerry Photo Editor and LED Notifier). is doubtlessly known for producing quality apps for smart phones and keeping its previous record in mind, users will be excited for the release of BlackBerry’s Ninja Fruit Bash game app.

Since I downloaded the game the minute it was up for sale, I can fill you in on this new BlackBerry game. For starters, let’s begin with the idea behind Ninja Fruit Bash. The game is basically a Ninja’s quest to destroy all the tainted fruit in gardens across China that have been poisoned by an ancient evil spirit, Orochi. We are presented with an awesome comic strip explaining the story as soon as we start the game. This intro reflects the story of a peaceful village garden being attacked and the chosen Ninja’s destiny to bring back harmony with vibrant graphics and background music. The game design is very interesting, with a fun and colorful look which appeals to the eye.

Playing in landscape mode on the BlackBerry touchscreen, I have one word to describe this game – Addictive! (Who knew bashing fruits could be so addictive?) The first level starts and you begin playing by slashing the fruit appearing on the screen with your finger acting as a sword. There’s just no end to the fun you can have! If you are a BlackBerry gamer you will be hooked to your phone for an indefinite period of time. As you continue to play, Ninja Fruit Bash will take you on a journey across different provinces in China through its 10 stages (with the Great Wall thrown in the background graphics as well). All of the game’s graphics present a serene picture of China that makes you feel more involved in the game. It adds on to the purpose of the quest and fulfillment of the destiny.

In terms of playing, the game is very user friendly and works well with your BlackBerry handset. Your goal is to bash the fruit! In other words, you have to slice the fruit in half when it appears. It arches over the screen once and you have to accomplish the goal before it goes down. Otherwise, you will miss points because for every fruit you cut you are going to be rewarded points. The game is played with ease as your finger smoothly strikes over the fruit and whenever it does a flash appears and the sound of a slashing sword is heard. Each level is cleared only after attaining a certain score.

The game is made more interesting when you have to avoid the tricky bombs that come suddenly in the middle of your fruit bashing. If you accidently strike the bomb (and believe me you tend to do that when your finger is on an edge to slash anything in view) you will be forced to lose the game and start all over from level 1. You’d think that would be frustrating but the game is interesting and addictive enough to overpower your frustration and entreat you to start again. The difficulty level of these bombs increases with the stages. Also, the fruits later on start appearing in bulk to confuse you, with bombs thrown in occasionally that are hard to avoid touching. This as a result adds to the entertainment level and the gamer is compelled to not rest till all the stages are cleared. In short, you will not accept ‘Game Over’.

For a final stance, I’d say that the game is glitch free. has once again done a great job in developing this BlackBerry app. With high quality production, innovative graphics, good sound quality interesting look and smooth feel, Ninja Fruit Bash is one creation by Pepper game developers worth downloading. BlackBerry gamers should be ready to get addicted. This is one satisfying game experience, giving the gamer the needed entertainment. I’m sure when you bash all the fruit, fulfill the destiny and reach the end you’ll feel like a true Ninja.

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