Microsoft is on the Move to Make the Windows Phone “A Hit”

Will Microsoft be able to beat Android and iOS models in the years to come?

According to an estimate done by Gartner and Horace Dediu, during the last quarter, Microsoft sold 1.4 to 1.7 million Windows Phones. And Gruber puts it like; “In other words, for that entire quarter, they sold about as many total Windows Phones as Apple sold iPhone 4S preorders last weekend.”

The update regarding WinPho Mango has recently reached the shores and everyone seems to be happy about it. People seem to be neither disappointed about it nor do they seem much interested in getting one for themselves. And like Palm, with all the charm, and solid platform, the nice phones finish last. Steve Ballmer said that; year one sales have been far below expectations, not a particularly rousing endorsement of the platform. But one alternative is to follow the money. Thereby, using this incentive, Microsoft pledged $1 billion to Nokia to have their Windows Phone promoted and the cash made out of it will be used for sales incentives. This is not the first time that Microsoft is using this money technique but it’s not necessary that it will always be a success. It can be well speculated that in the coming years, every phone will be turned into a smartphone and the thing that will be standing in Microsoft’s pre-eminence is the price while comparing to similar Android and iOS models. So, in that case it leaves Microsoft to catch up on so many things.

Microsoft’s ascendency in PC world can certainly be not denied just like of Google’s and Apple’s ascendency in mobile, but in regard to Microsoft salvage for Windows Phone, it needs to work real hard and for that some years old business strategies like bundling, subsidies, FUD will be of no help. So Microsoft needs to gear up on that with some latest and promising strategies. And with all the new improvement Windows 8 is bringing in, one can expect that their efforts won’t go wasted especially when Metro UI and the mobile interfaces and PC will merge. A pessimist might call it a dead platform but once Microsoft would come up with all the right ingredients, it can strike the masses. In that case, Nokia too has been a bit sluggish to bring it’s devices to market, but now they are all set to hit the world with their debut Nokia World in two weeks.

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