In the World of Technology You Either Sell Big or Simply Die Fast!

By: nJaved

After seven weeks of introducing sale of TouchPad, Hewlett-Packard has killed the unwelcomed rival in the market of tablets.

Hewlett-Packard discontinued the TouchPad right after 48 days, and then it reduced the price and created a buying frenzy amongst the people. The fire sale offered discount up to 80% of the original price. Wal-Mart ran out of TouchPads after price tagging them for $100 for the 16G version and $150 for the 32G version. Originally these were first tagged $500 and $600!

Similarly only last year Microsoft discontinued it Kin mobile phones after 48 days after going on a huge sale!

It has been observed that in recent few years all technology companies try to cut their losses with high speeds. Even Google released Wave (platform of collaborative work tools) to the public in May 2010 only to cancel it after 77 days.

Palm declared its tablet the Foleo in may 2007 and by September we found the tablet vanished and gone leaving behind no clues and footsteps.

Pure Digital, the manufacturer of the Flip camcorder, was going to make public the Flip-Live in April but Cisco (that had taken over Pure Digital in 2009) simply shut the entire division a month later!

They say that the technology companies who are involved in the cut throat competitions of smart phones and tablets are increasingly resembling the Hollywood film studios in which every single release has to be a hit and for such films the only measure of success is the “opening weekend gross total”.

Many analysts trace this trend of blockbuster or bust sort of mentality to Apple – because each release by Apple has been a hit and become a whole media event! At the research firm IDC, the analyst Al Hilwa described the speedy lifecycle of the high end hardware as “Darwinian”: “There’s a level of desperation from anyone whose name is not Apple. You know pretty quickly, and in a very public way, whether a product is successful or not.”

Likewise, to the opening week at the movies reviews on web planning a new phone and tablet can be catastrophic for the manufacturers.

Analyst at Canalys, Chris Jones said:  “Once you lose momentum, it’s hard to regain it.”

Technology companies nowadays have to be extremely careful in producing and launching their invention in such a hyper competitive market! One wrong move can get your invention down the drain. If that happens then the technology company has to clean its own mess rather quickly because as observed, even the loyal consumers can shift priorities at the time of their favorite’s downfall!

Wal-Mart, quickly ran out of TouchPads after putting them on sale for $100 for the 16G version and $150 for the 32G version. When originally available in July, they were listed at $500 and $600.

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