Google Wallet: Now Available For Public Use

The all new Google mobile payment system, Google Wallet has been made available for the users who use Sprint Nexus S 4G phones and Citi MasterCards or Visa cards.

Handsets are planning to take mundane lives by storm with their new releases almost every month. The smartphone makers are keen on targeting the ways through which they can capture the minds and interests of people who will be sufficed by advanced phone technology. Such efforts have been exhibited by Google, where they have made a place for themselves with the Google Wallet which is the new mobile payment system!

Technology is there to ease life and to make things less complex. In this core aim, tech based gadgets and tablets have reduced the need of PCs and of telephones because the needed features are provided by these tablets and gadgets. Google aims at minimizing the elaborate procedure of paying one’s bills and making transactions.

The facility can be accessed by those who use Sprint Nexus S 4G phones and Citi MasterCards or Visa cards. The offer made by the system is easy for open transactions such as multiple credit cards, loyalty programs and various point of sale. The payments can be made by swapping the smartphone at the checkout and get the deal done! Isn’t it a pure luxurious way! I’m sure many people will be saved from the horror of carrying their wallets everywhere with other tuff in it too. They will be able do it merely through a smartphone.

Another requirement for accessing the Google Wallet is through a Google account. The user must have a Google account with a user name and also a PIN code which the device will ask for before making the transaction. Besides the Visa Cards, it also only works with Citi MasterCards and Google Prepaid Cards, which can be filled using any other credit card.

The system was launched in May and since then it has been tested before making it available for the public. It is now to see whether the public will be able to get hold of this Google Wallet or not. Only time will tell as to whether Google Wallet is convenient in use for the common man or not.

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