Facebook Finds a Way to Trace Life Stories

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has proposed of a new pathway of knowing about various life stories!

life stories facebookMark Zuckerberg, the genius who came up with the concept of Facebooking, something that each one of us is addicted to, has presented all Facebook addicts with another interesting feature available at this social website. More or less, Zuckerberg aims at minimizing the expanse of the world and creating a more enclosed platform for communication.

Zuckerberg was addressing a FB conference on update in San Francisco. He named the addition as”Timeline”. Here, users will be able to locate with dates and locations, everything that they have been doing at that particular time.

While addressing the conference, Zuckerberg said, “Timeline pages that let people digitally map everything they’ve ever done. Timeline is the story of your life.”He demonstrated by showing how his new profile page chronicled his experiences from meeting US President Barack Obama to baby photos. The biggest challenge was to tell the story of your life in a single page. What Timeline does is show all the recent activity and then as you go back in time it starts summarizing the things you’ve done in your life. The latest changes at Facebook include a new class of “open graph” applications that let people discover and share music, movies, books and news as well as seemingly lightweight experiences like bicycle rides.”

Once the announcement was made, there are mixed reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s new innovation. He is looking forward to receiving likes and applause for this introduction however, other experts are also positive that this “Timeline” will provide everybody to know about interesting experiences about others’ lives. This will make things turn global, which Facebook is already doing with a lot of devotion and determination! I hope I’m not being nasty when I say this?? Anyways, I have all praise for this new feature. Let’s hope the Facebook maniacs love it too!

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