Facebook Emerges with another App Launch

Now iOS and Android powered smart phone owners can enjoy mobile-chat with Facebook’s break out messaging app service, all set to download.

Facebook has struck the app market with another one of its app launches. The social network has come up with its own ‘Messenger’ application for iOS and Android platforms. This is one unique app especially for Facebookers who can now keep in touch with friends on their smart phones through the app’s messaging service.  This new Facebook application is designed to basically break out the messaging service into a single app.

Since people’s indulgence in smart phones has termed the time period as a smart phone era, Facebook has plans to reach out to users with its service on mobile as much as possible. This latest mobile-chat app provides the user with the access to Facebook chats and message threads when the user logs in. Other features of the app incorporate group messaging and the ability to allow sharing of photos and location. The app has also been compared to Facebook’s group messaging app Beluga in terms of performing the same services. A Facebook source even stated that the company might be considering shifting Beluga messages over to Facebook Messenger.

Previously there were rumours in relation to Facebook devising an app that would merge sharing elements through accessing Facebook’s photo servers. This function was supposedly said to be similar to Instagram and Picplz apps since Facebook’s focus was on the photo sharing feature. But what Facebook is specifically aiming for is to combine all the different features of its network into a single app experience and provide it to the user. The break out messaging service features the sole function of providing the user with a mobile-chat experience on Facebook.

For those Facebook app users who are anxious for the addition of video chat feature on their phones, let it be known that the social media network is planning on working with Skype to launch it as soon as possible. As for now, Facebook’s mobile-chat app is available for download on both Apple’s App Store and Android Marketplace. Facebook engineer, Lucy Zhang commented in Facebook’s blog post “The Messenger app is an extension of Facebook messages, so all your conversations are in one place, including your texts, chats, e-mails, and messages. Whether you’re on your phone or on the Web, you can see the full history of all your messages.”

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