EEG System Deployed As a Smartphone Application

Electroencephalography system has been deployed as a Smartphone application in order to promote the medical support system via handset.

EEG phoneThe idea of deploying EEG system as an application has been introduced by Technical University of Denmark. The portable EEG system deployed is a combination of a low-cost scalp monitor and a Smartphone app! The aim of the university is to introduce an app which does not focus at social networking and not used for entertainment purposes. They have come up with a productive medical idea that can assist many who cannot access the medical center for a test such as the EEG.

Technical University of Denmark has constructed a team at milab, part of the Cognitive Systems Section which has been assigned with this particular job. Their primary aim is “mobile context awareness, media modeling, and user experiences.” As they want to promote the diversity of the mobile context, they have therefore deployed this EEG system within the Smartphone. It is processed through an Emotiv headset which is connected to a wireless USB receiver, which is in turn attached to a Nokia N900. Through this channel, the working of the Electroencephalography system carried out.

Once the data is gathered through the EEG system, it undergoes the process of being displayed. It is done through an organized channel. The data from the EEG is decrypted and later displayed through a 3D OpenGL-based animation screen. It takes a total of 150ms for the display of the data collected. With the help of the Smartphone features, the user saves him from attaching a laptop or a separate screen to it.

Whenever psychological experiments are conducted, the equipment used has to be adaptable and must be easy to use with a capacity to record relative results conveniently. In the course of such compatibility, the EEG wires and equipment is utilized with the signals being received through the mind as they are to be translated and later displayed.

The Electroencephalography system is a means of checking the brain signals and their travel path as well as the brain functioning. In common circumstances, small electrodes are attached to the brain at the external level, and the monitor is attached so that the reading and data that is being received can be displayed for a clear result.

The Technical University of Denmark has however, introduced an all new app combination in the Smartphone, maintaining their efficiency and diversity.

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