AT&T Launches Push-to-Talk Service for Business Customers

By: rabia

ATTAT&T is gearing up for the push to talk service for business customers. It does seem an old concept now – interesting but not commonly used. It has its benefits though;  instantaneous communication between multiple people can be proved very practical in certain lines of work such as engineering.

The idea of providing push-to-talk is old school, Nokia did it before, many other mobile operators too. Already there are apps available like Voxer which allows users to send voice notes, messages and media over their data connections. The question is how is AT&T going to change the game?

They are betting their stakes on Kodiak networks InstaPoc technology which promises sub second voice connections between compatible devices and also a better sound quality compared to a GSM or CDMA call. Though the name gives a stinky image.

InstaPoc  was developed in compliance with the Push To Talk over cellular 2.0 standard which gives out the details necessary to create a reliable, elite grade push to talk system. It carries great potential for the developers, they can integrate PTT support into other applications via an API.

AT&T promised that entrants for their charter program will be provided with “powerful state of the art smartphones” though they were not really specific about it. It does not sounds that exciting, what if they provide testers with old phones which had PTT service built in. That would definitely be a bummer. Well, lets see what happens.


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