Apple gets on with the Latest Wireless Revolution!

In July, Apple delivered its first ever firmware over the air (FOTA) iOS 5 beta update with which the user now don’t need a PC or Mac to get all firmware updates. Consumers will be enjoying wireless updates now thanks to Apple and its regular transformations!

Apple is the first in all the mobile manufacturing companies to have developed the facility of wireless updates and so the reputation of Apple for being the king of innovation is hit the spot light over FOTA technology. Where media have seldom reported any over the air software updates, now everyone is talking about FOTA and Apple and of the advantages that the user will gain from them.  Elimination of the annoying wires will give the user a better chance at speedily updating their iPhone with latest features for improved performance.

So what are the pros of FOTA technology enabled by Apple for its iPhoners? Users can look forward to saved-bandwidth. Meaning by that over the air files are usually smaller in size and there will be less utilization of the bandwidth. For example the size of Apple’s iOS 5 beta FOTA update is 133 MP while the original file downloaded through wire and cables is around 824 MB! This in turn saves a lot of time for the users since a typical FOTA update will take about only 15 minutes. Plus, the user can continue to use his phone as the update takes place in the background. Now that’s a real convenience.

Another advantage is of improved reliability since wireless updating has become very common and it does not affect the user’s personal data. FOTA also enables the OEMs to deliver regular updates to devices and therefore, it leads to greater satisfaction felt by the user.

In addition to giving consumer the benefits, Apple will also enjoy a number of advantages of adopting FOTA. Many other OEMs which use the technology have lessened the customer care costs and expenses while avoiding brand-damage from product call. They are even avoiding warranty costs.

Wireless updates make more sense and once you have it at your disposal, you are destined to think how inconvenient the old wired process was. But that is the magic of Apple. With every new transformation and innovation, it mystifies its users. With adaptation of FOTA, you are surely going to throw the cable-based updating technique to “Antique Technology Room.”

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