Android Apps Violate User Data Security


Dasient’s study reveals that around 800 Android apps are infected with malware that creates an unsafe environment for user data, allowing it to be disclosed by the apps.

Believe it or not, Android apps have been tested and confirmed to be unsafe for user data. Surprising as it is, that is the case found to be so, analyzed by the Dasient security firm. After conducting a study on 10,000 Android apps, 8% of them were detected to have glitches related to personal data security. This means that above 800 Android apps have been revealing personal data information of users to unauthorized servers. The firm even stated that over the past two years the number of infected apps has increased.

Android OS smart phones have been suffering with malware that has been causing a lot of problems for its users. Data security violation is one of the major issues as the malware found in the applications takes control of the user data on the phone, causing it to transfer to other unauthorized computers. Even personal SMS messages were discovered to have been automatically sent to the whole user contact list without the user’s intention. Around 11 Android apps were discovered to be infected with this problem. The discloure of the IMEI and IMSI number is another important issue arising with this defection. This is dangerous for user’s personal data in terms of revealing information to some illegal server that will enable him to clone the SIM card of the phone.

Dasient research firm also sheds light on other ways this malware might have found a way to user data. One possibility could be the ‘Drive-By Downloads’ which occurs when the user, while searching on the internet comes across a website that carries malware and in the installation process downloads it unconsciously.

This news making the headline in the app market does not prove to be so favourable for the Android Marketplace. And needless to say, Google shares some responsibility in this app malware business. Apple is defined for the quality of its app store because developers take time in testing its product, running a security screening and then approving it for launch. But with Google the concentration is more on the launch itself and in the excitement and rush a few steps assuring the app free of glitches get overlooked. And this is what’s causing the disruption in the Android app market. If the amount of infected apps keeps on increasing then Android’s future in app market will not seem so bright. Let’s hope Google app developers learn a lesson and make improvements in Android app security for the sake of a safe usage by consumers.

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