Amazon App Store Launched Internationally

App Store becomes available in a number of countries without official announcement

Amazon AppsThe Amazon Appstore has earned a name for being a great market for buying discounted apps. But only US customers were able to benefit from their promotional offers as the company had restricted its service for the region. Today, Amazon has launched its store in a number of countries without any official announcement of an international launch, since customers from many locations are reporting that they can access it.

Earlier on it was reported that only the EU was granted access of the Appstore outside of the US, but soon we found out that the launch was extended to other countries as well.

Currently, the Appstore has been reported to be available in UK, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Australia, India, and Holland. Customers have been reporting that even though their regional sites have American touches to it, both free and paid apps are being downloaded without problems. One of the aforementioned influences is the price – which comes in US Dollars. For those with considerable knowledge in currency markets can start to take advantage of favorable exchange rates and trade!

International customers could still access the Appstore before, but it required a lot of hard work and knowledge of the process. Customers had to create an Amazon account with a US address, whereas now they only have to download .apk from Amazon and set their Android smartphones to install applications from unknown sources.

But the question remains, why did Amazon launch the Appstore internationally without any official announcement? Maybe it’s because Amazon is testing the international release before an international launch, so that it can see how it would deal with pressure in the future. Perhaps it’s related to the upcoming Amazon tablet. Or a more interesting theory is that Amazon has a made a mistake and will rollback soon. Whatever the case is, customers should flock to the Appstore in case it disappears again!

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  1. Fats says:

    Frankly I think that’s absloutely good stuff.


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